Monday, September 27, 2010


I need to inturrupt our regularly scheduled blog to announce something.

I left my job today to go full speed ahead with my photography business. I know this blog is supposed to be about weight loss and stuff, but this is just too much a part of my life to keep it totally seperate. I've talked only very briefly about being a photograher, so I don't think many of you know.

I've been working part time at a really stupid, horrible, no good job for the past 2 and a half years. It's been sucking the life out of me and leaving me totally uninspired to create anything of value. I USED TO work in the housing/construction industry doing a project mgmt/desk job (totally not me, I know) and since the downturn of the economy, business has been well...slow to say the least.

Last Friday my boss was about you take next week off. So I was like, the WHOLE week? We had no work coming in and he can't exactally pay me to twiddle my thums (aka blog) haha. Long story short, Scott and I decided it would be best for me to just quit and focus on my business full time. I'm thrilled, excited and a bit scared. Full time photographer? Yes please!

So this morning, I went in and was like, I quit bitches!!!! Just kidding. I was far more ruthless than that. Actually I was very pleasant and it went well. So now I'm a free agent. Whooo Hooooo!

So after I quit, packed up my desk and got home, I took a deep breath and got to work finally setting up a business Facebook account. You know what would be awesome? If you'd "like" me.

Don't be shy if you're not a Colorado resident. I travel often and am always looking for new clients in new cities!

Click HERE to visit and like me on facebook
Click HERE to visit my website

Thanks for indulging me in this (non weight) related post. I'm just so excited I could kiss ya!


  1. That is amazing. I love a good quitting story. Inspires us all. ;-)

  2. awesome! congrats!!!

    i put in my 2 week notice today too! i've started getting really busy as a spanish tutor =)

    muy bien =)

  3. good for you, I bet this happiness will allow you to stay on goal. Good luck to you!

  4. that is awesome katy!! i saw your facebook already thanks to some other friends likin it. have fun on this new journey

  5. HOLY MOLY! That is so exciting!

    Congatulations - I am so proud of you!

  6. How exciting, Katy! Your photos are STUNNING. Congratulations on having the courage to follow your dreams.