Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 5 Results-Congrats Chuck!

1) Charlie C -2.06%
2) Ginger N -1.74%
3) Lisa E -1.45%
4) Allison H. -1.13%
5) Annie J -0.94%
6) Alissa -0.86%
7) Michael J -0.56%
8) Jill C -0.47%
9) Jenni M -0.43%
10) Sarah M -0.34%
11) Amy L -0.26%
12) Sarah H -0.14%
13) Kristen C -0.00%
14) George T +0.18%
15) Heidi J +0.26%
16) Sharolyn T +0.30%
17) Cheryl M +0.34%
18) Katy D +0.61%
19) Eric B +0.66%
20) Sue A +0.76%
21) Amanda M +0.83%
22) Missa S +1.28%
23) Erin H +2.20%
24) Anne C + 2.23%

Did not count

25) Jamie
26) Matthew E
27) Jennifer N
28) Lizbeth N

Did not weigh in
29) Al P
30) Tricia
31) Sherri B
32) Danielle F
33) Rob B
34) Missy
35) Ken H

FYI-I've made a couple mistakes so far...I'm sorry, my eyes just sort of glaze over inputing all these numbers and sorting through all the emails. I've recieved weights of people that I forgot to plug in, Anne C & Jenni M come to mind. Sorry girls. Jenni M on week three was 3rd place. Congrats Jenni...late, but better late than never, right?

If I make a mistake, please email me directly and I'll get it corrected.

This is Charlie, the winner of the week. I took this on the Summer Solstice ride we did through Denver. Congrats Charlie!!! Finally this dude wins a week! He's a weight loss machine people. He's climbing mountains like a mad man and dragging my husband out on early morning rides after feeding him copious amounts of alcohol the night before. Bad Chuck. THIS is the man to watch for everyone! He's lost a lot of weight so far and is wearing shirts that he hasn't worn in a long time. Charlie, you win a headband! You can rock a guy friendly color and be the bees knees on all your long ass hikes and rides! Congrats dude.


  1. awesome job charlie!! thinking i was doing ok until i had an awesome pampered chef party tonight with pizza and lava cake. you can never go wrong with pizza no matter what you put on it. love it

  2. The secret to my sucess is feeding my competition alcohol and "little man" ice cream. We even if they want to work off the ice cream the next day....they can't because of the hangover. Alcohol & ice cream.... The perfect diet booby trap.

  3. I don't know anything about no hangover! Oh wait, is that what you call being laid up in bed ALL day Saturday feeling sick? I've got to say though, it was totally worth it.