Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Hippie and shit

Like a moth to the flame, the scent of patchouli draws me in. You can pretty much guarantee that if I'm walking down a street with cute little shops, I'll inevitably end up in the hippie buddha head store sipping rosebud tea and testing out essential oils. I can't help it, it's in my DNA or some crap. I'm like a bad hippie though. I'll go into the hard core natural foods stores and walk out with chocolate. The good hippies walk out with unidentifiable things in baggies and bottles of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap. To this day I can't smell the peppermint soap without thinking of my brother. He'd shower using that soap and afterwards it was like we were living in Willy Wonka's peppermint house (if Willy Wonka had a peppermint house, that is.)

It's like my heart is drawing me towards wheat grass, but my ass is like let's eat cheeseburgers and Ruffles and watch the Bonnie Hunt show. Except I hate that show and I'm pretty sure she's a bitch in real life. This whole hippie/natural living thing isn't just a fad for me. I've been pretty hard core about it for a long time. Scott and I both drove bio-diesel cars for years, we were pretty militant about our soaps, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies etc. We were part of a CSA and my main source of income was teaching yoga and spraying lavender water on people during savasana. Ahhhhhh lavendar spray.

This weekend we were shopping at the Vitamin Cottage. Do you have one of those in your neck of the woods? It's like a bare bones, no frills, pack your shit in crate boxes if you didn't bring your canvas bag, cause they don't have even paper bags, sort of store. It's like the total opposite of the cushy Whole Foods experience. So we go in and I'm like, I just need to eat clean, local, organic food. I need to drink egg protein and spirulina and do some gong meditation. You feel me? So Scott says that I should go veg again. To which I replied, "uhhh, that's just making cheeeezeburgers MORE desirable."

What's the point of this blog post? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Frye? Frye? When Cameron was in Egypt's land, let my Cameron goooooo. Sorry. Don't start a blog early in the morning, then try to finish it later in the day.

I guess my point is that most times I feel like a total schitzo when it comes to food. I mean most people who eat ezekiel bread don't want Mc. Donalds and vice versa. I suppose most yoga teachers don't listen to Eazy-E either right? My other point is that I've always felt drawn to living a more "natural" lifestyle, but I fall apart when you ask me to drink tablespoons of fish oil. What gives?

Excuse me, I've got to go boil some bulgar.


  1. Bonnie Hunt is awesome. Never seen her show, but pretty sure she is almost perfect.

    All things in moderation...except fish oil.

    (I think your blog and thoughts are cool!).

  2. I totally love this post and get it in ways I just can't describe here. But let it be said that I am one of those who loves to eat Ezekial bread and quarter pounders with cheese.

  3. My heaven has Whole Foods, along with a big checking account.

    If I smell patchouli oil on you, we are getting a divorce.

  4. You can't divorce me Erin, we've been sealed and your my sister wife. Shit's for serious! PS, I think pachouli smells horrid, but it always brings fond memories and good experiences...conundrum!