Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 4 Results- Congrats Kristen C & Allison H

Kristen C -3.03%
Charlie C -2.60%
Jill C -2.28%
Michael J -2.12%
Al P -2.05%
Amy L -1.30%
Tricia -1.20%
Ginger N -1.08%
Lisa E -0.99%
Alissa -0.85%
Allison H -0.76%
Erin H -0.63%
Amanda M -0.62%
Annie J -0.35%
Sue A -0.29%
Cheryl M -0.25%
Sarah M -0.23%
Heidi J 0.00%
Melissa S 0.00%
Sharolyn T 0.00%
George T 0.00%
Jenni M 0.44%
Eric B 0.67%
Sarah H 0.85%
Katy D 0.96%
Anne C-NA
Sherri B-NA
Matthew E-NA
Jennifer N-NA
Danielle F-NA
Lizbeth N-NA
Ron B-NA
Missy L-NA
Ken H-NA

People who qualified for the week 4 challenge!

Al P

Amy L

Allison H

Lisa E

Erin H

I assigned #'s 1-5 to this group and had scott pick a number. The number/name was Allison H! Congrats Allison, you've won a biggest loser workout DVD and cookbook! Contact me to redeem your prize!

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