Friday, July 2, 2010

This boot was NOT made for walking

This boot was NOT made for walking, yet it's called a walking boot? Well folks, I'm in a walking cast...again.

This plantar fascitis thing is taking over my very being! So you know what I'm going to do? Go for a bike ride. Tangerine always makes me feel better.


  1. or do some leg lifts lol love the bike by the way it pushes me that much closer to getting my very own

  2. I can relate. I'm recovering from some foot problems that have had me in a wheelchair and in the world's most uncomfortable footwear. I would love to just get my feet into some comfortable soft sneakers right now.

    Best wishes to you.


  3. Yikes! I feel so bad for you. I am right there with ya girl!

  4. just started having foot problems and I am freaked. I use ice, wear shoes on my wood floors, massage with a golf ball. Sort far it is just an occiasion annyoance. I wonder if I should see a dr. yet.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  5. I have plantar fasciitis. I was just told I had it a few months ago. I also have the makings of achilles tendonitis. I have to say though I think I go see a miracle worker. The doctor, I went to go see who referred me to my pediatrist who then reffered me to my now physiotherapist, told me that she has it and I'll just have to deal with it my whole life.

    My physio on the other hand worked his magic and now I can walk again without wincing in pain. He does this ultrasound thing on the bottom of my heels. Gave me excersises to do (which truthfully I always forget to do) and for my tendon he gives me a 15 min deep, deep massage on both calves. It's like the highlight of my week. hahaha. Oh yea and towards the end he started the ultrasound thing on my tendon at well.

    Anywho good luck with it all! That thing does not look like fun.

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  7. I'm heeeere. Can I confess that I have not been reading this blog because I am constantly being attacked by my post-baby insecurities? I am having a way hard time losing baby weight this time around. But then again, I am not trying very hard and I am nursing. I am going to start reading faithfully so I can get motivated.

    Loves uuu!