Thursday, July 29, 2010

VBL Week 8 Results

Congrats Alissa! You won with a 1.72% weight loss for the week!

Having some techical issues with getting the results posted in order of weight loss, but I wanted to at least post the winner!

We're in the home stretch now and I know more than anyone it's getting tough to stick this out til the end. We have 3.5 weeks left, let's finish as strong as we possibly can!

Buck up campers. You know what always makes me feel better? Orange Mocha Frappucinos!
name that movie.

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  1. Alissa won again!! Congrats...Alissa u won week 1 -- and week 8 -- u are doing something right!!!

  2. Thank you :) Now its time to get serious. I've conquered the fast food and I just need to get off my butt and get active because the clothing fit hasn't changed much :(

  3. Does the contest end on August 24 or 31?

  4. oh crap.. I totally forgot to email you my stuff this weeek..... urgh...

  5. crack me up...."Now its time to get serious" -- you have been doing a lot more "right" just conquering the Soda let alone fast amazing...and soda is hard, the caffeine is addicting!! Someone once told me soda was harder to give up than cigarettes....You are on the right road!! Also clothing might take some time....but, take your will see the results there...and the clothing will come....just give it some more time!! Congrats again!!!