Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Battle of the Bands

Yesterday we purchased resistance bands. Do you use these? I've only ever dabbled in using them in random group exercise classes that involve moves like the Jersey fist pump. But yesterday we got a whole set of bands that look just like this.

We were on our way to the gym last night and I had a mini melt down. Actually more of a medium melt down if you ask my husband, but who's asking him? I think it was a combination of a few things. 1) It's friggin' hot 2) My soul is being sucked out through my foot 3) The gym is getting old. So I did what any rational almost 30 year old woman would do. Bitched and moaned and got cranky and started crying cause my foot hurt. Wait, did I just actually tell you how much of a pain in the ass I was yesterday?

Mostly, I was just upset because I couldn't stand the thought of walking around the gym in my boot with the nagging pain and trying to navigate the recumbent bike and the gym equipment with my Franken-leg. How's THAT for the most awesome run-on sentence ever?

So you know why my hunk of a straight razor shaving husband did? Went out and got me a set of resistance bands so we can start doing some home workouts. Isn't that nice? He tried to make my life a little easier even after I went to crazy town.

The moral of the story? Set up a mini home gym for those days when you have a medium melt down

P.S.-VBL contestants, remember to send me your weights today


  1. I think it is impressive you continue to go to the gym with your foot pain, I would totally be sitting on the couch eating doritos.

    A home gym is what I had to set up because I would ALWAYS talk myself out of going to the gym. I am the queen of excuses to skip exercise.

  2. i have some resistance bands somewhere in a box. lol havent gotten them out yet since we moved. but i think they work the body better than weights because they provide resistance. sorry to hear you had a bad day i would be sitting next to amy on the couch lol

  3. I use resistance bands...they do provide a good workout....I use them in the gym in my total conditioning class...and I use them when we travel...easy to pack in the suitcase! Believe it or not...they really do work~ Poor Katy...and the foot pain...I can not imagine the pain you are going through! Also another good option for the at home gym, is the stability ball...you can use it along with the bands...you would get an awesome workout...without even have to leave home!

  4. What a great husband :)

    I have a gazelle folded up on another room that I need to get out because I am queen of talking myself out of going to the gym.

  5. Lucky you! That is a great idea. I have a treadmill at the 'home gym', but really should be incorporating some strength training. Do you have videos to follow along? Can't wait to hear your review!

  6. Injuries are tough!! I'm glad you are not stopping. I have had my fair share of injuries, I just do what I can. Work through the pain and get it done! Hugs!