Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week One Done

Well everyone, week one is done!

The weights are pouring in. Some have lost a lot, some a little. Regardless of where you end up in the standings tomorrow, it's important to acknowledge that you made it through week one. Maybe you were crawling, or inching your way to today, but you made it nonetheless.

Someone asked me this week how soon they could expect to see results on Body for Life. I told her that I noticed a difference almost instantly. Within 2 days I felt different. Granted, you couldn't tell in the way I looked, but definitely in the way I felt. The great thing about living healthy...really healthy is that you feel better right away. I know just as much as everyone else that sometimes even sticking to something for one day is hard. Actually hard doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.

For those who have pushed themselves for the past 7 days, you feel great right? You feel like there is hope and you feel like you can do this...you maybe even feel like you could win the competition, or conquer the chubbs! It's an exhilarating feeling.

You know that you don't have to be perfect at losing weight, right? You don't have to abandon ship after you f-up and eat chips with your healthy whole grain sandwich.(not that I know anything about doritos) There's this thing about perfection though. When you make it through a day, eating everything you planned and exercising, you feel fucking great. It doesn't take a whole week to feel good again, trust me. Sometimes a week is daunting...sometimes breakfast is daunting. So, over the long haul, perfection isn't necessary, but sometimes in the beginning it is. It gives you some ground to stand on. It gives you the ability to trust yourself. To trust that you CAN do what you want to do, you just just have to do it.

Weather you lost 10lbs, nothing, or gained this week...forget about it. This is a new week, with new challenges. Hey, you could even faint this week! Think of the blog post you'll have. My point is, don't rest on your laurels, or lose hope because you had a bad first week. None of that matters now.

Onward-week 2.


  1. yay!! week one is over on to week two.


  2. Good Luck to everyone doing the BL challenge. I wish I could have participated, but I forgot to email you in time, Doh!
    Sorry to hear about your crazy bike ride! You are a tough cookie ;)

  3. Horrible first week but I know Week 2 is going to be better! I'm organized and excited ...

    Best of luck to you all this week!

  4. Week One was pretty interesting for me. I was disciplined the first half of the week, and then the weekend came and I kind of fell off the Healthy train. At least I worked out for 2.5 hrs on Saturday, but I had two glasses of wine Saturday night, split a bbq sandwich with Eric, had margaritas and a hot dog Sunday and pizza Sunday night. No bueno!

    Something I've noticed about myself: I make healthful food choices when I start my day with a homemade breakfast of oatmeal or scrambled eggs... It encourages me to make a good choice for lunch and cook a healthy dinner. The momentum is empowering! Now I just need to stay away from those margaritas...

  5. Being on vacation for week one did not do much for my competitive edge, but maintaining for me was a big win!!


  6. Yay - always nice to hear that it doesn't matter if you fail once in a while.

  7. A-MEN!

    I really liked this post - very uplifting and motivating.

    And you're right - what has happened is in the past, so YAY! :)

  8. OK, so what I wanna know is WHO LOST TEN POUNDS! Or was that just metaphorical??? ;) Yay for week one. I am on vacation for weeks two and three. So, here's hoping that I make healthy eating choices during our travels and also that my husband and I stay active. Good luck, all! We can do this.

  9. Thanks for the post Katy. It is exactly what I needed to hear.

  10. Vegemommy I'm with you...who lost 10 lbs --wow! Well...we will find out soon. for me, I lost more than I have ever lost in one week...and I do not know how I accomplished that one....2 days South of the Border(this past weekend was in Rocky Point)....I thought would of really done me in but thanks for the careful planning of my sil J he made sure they had fresh fruit, spinach salad with mushrooms, and tomatoes, even had hubby pack my Balsamic Vingerette....and even rented bikes and rode a bike down there on Sat....wow....I love my family they have helped me on this journey!!!!I am excited to see how everyone has done! and like Katy said, no matter if we lost none, or one, or 10 we are all trying to battle this excess baggage...and that is what really counts. and Erin....eating breakfast is my key also...if I skip breakfast....I am ruined...so I never skip breakfast anymore, and I make it a healthy one!!!

  11. well... I for one... lost 10...but that is not unusual for me for a first week of completely changing my eating and activity habits. The previous month was not pretty and I've been working hard the past week (using sparkpeople.com's tracking site.) It should go down to a normal 0-2 lbs next week....so don't hate me yet :( I can say the competition is a nice added incentive that I haven't experienced before. Congrats to everyone on their first week!!