Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Jill C, Sarah H, and Sherri B

This weekend I'm going to...

Go to Costco
Take a spin class
Drink lots of cold water
Ride my bike a lot
Wear sunscreen
Sleep in
Grill corn on the cob
See Sex and the City with Ms Pants
Have sex in the city
Make a concrete food list and workout plan

How about you?

Until then, enjoy meeting some more of your competition.

Meet Jill- Jill is Charlie's wife. Remember, I met them through my brother? Jill & Charlie, Charlie & Jill. We're going camping with them the weekend of the 11th. Jill is awesome. She's easy to talk to, has a lovely hint of a southern accent and can walk to work. Jill is supposedly the "master of the campsite" which was enticing enough for me to rough it for a night. She appreciates good food and good drinks and I appreciate her. Awhhhh, lovefest 2010.

Meet Sarah H.- Sarah in one word, funny. I think I met Sarah in 4th grade maybe? Or maybe Jr. High? Young, I know that. I met her a loooooong time ago and haven't seen her in a looooong time. 10-11 years. Thanks facebook! She is spunky and oh yeah! She used to play the clarinet with me! It all comes back to band, right?

Meet Sherri B.-Sherri is awesome and funny. I have lots of funny friends. I met Sherri about 8 years ago when I was working as a graphic designer for an alcohol distributor. Back when we got free booze! Man, that was a perk I'd love to have back. I believe Sherri and I left that company around the same time. She left to become a teacher and now she is one! One time we hosted a party at our house and this guy got SUPER drunk-o and puked all over the upstairs bathroom. She rallied up the stairs and cleaned the whole bathroom! I never even saw one speck of vomit. Sherri, I will forever be indebted to you for that. I can't even believe you just took charge and cleaned it up. If you ever need part of my liver, I'm your gal. The guy reminded us Dave Chappelle, so Sherri called him Chappelle from then on.


  1. this weekend i am going to pampered chef party and i am ooberly excited

  2. Thanks for the love Katy. It was Taylor Jr., and I should apologize now for making you suffer through my clarinet playing.

    Hello master of the campsite or should I say mistress of the campsite. Um, how awesome of a romance novel title is "Mistress of the Campsite"?

    And hello Sherri B.! Free booze, mad cleaning skills, and Dave Chappelle = all good things.

  3. Hola to the Katy et al. Katy - your writing voice just makes me chuckle. Not just like a normal laugh, but the kind where you're laughing hard enough to accidently fart. Good job. Love, me

  4. Making people fart since 1980

  5. Working on the house and garden is planned for this weekend.

  6. My plans for the weekend? Somehow find the floor in the living room, dining room, and the kids' rooms. OK, I'm mostly kidding about finding the floor. BUT, there is some serious cleanup needed! Also, we need to start packing for our trip to Seattle/B.C. on Tuesday. Packing for three small children ages 1,4,and 6 as well as my husband and I should prove to be a smashing good time. Katy, you crack me up!

  7. I'm trying to figure out how to stay diet 'safe' at a family bbq on saturday. I need to eat beforehand I think. I've done really well this week and don't want to get railroaded by a bbq. Otherwise... gonna get in 2 hours of cardio somehow this weekend!