Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drumroll please...............

1)Alissa 4.10%
2)Jill C 3.50%
3)Matthew E 3.10%
4)Ginger N 2.80%
5)Al P 2.75%
6)Annie J 2.60%
7)Amy L 2.50%
8)Charlie C 2.40%
9)Kristen C 2.33%
10)Sue A 2.20%
11)Michael J 1.90%
12)Heidi J 1.70%
13)Sarah H 1.64%
14)George T 1.50%
15)Lizbeth N 1.40%
16)Katy D 1.22%
17)Rob B 1.22%
18)Jamie 1.13%
19)Lisa E 0.80%
20)Sharolyn T 0.70%
21)Allison H 0.60%
22)Jenni M 0.51%
23)Cheryl M 0.51%
24)Missy L 0.50%
25)Anne C 0.20%
26)Amanda M 0%
27)Melissa S plus 0.20%
28)Erin H plus 0.31%
29)Eric B plus 0.67%
30)Jennifer N plus 0.80%
31)Danielle F plus 1.70%
32)Tricia N/A
33)Ken N/A
34)Sherri B N/A
35)Sarah M N/A

Congratulations Alissa!
Go to to claim your prize!
Choose a fabric, then contact Sue through the website with your name and mailing address and she'll ship your loot straight to you! Also make sure you put "VBL winner of the week" in the comment section of the contact page


  1. That is some GREAT weight losses!

    If I could visit Alissa's site, I'd say CONGRATS! :) But since I can't, I hope that she can see this comment! :)

    Also, to the people that had little to no loss or gain? WAY TO GO! We all know how hard it is to email someone else a gain. I think it takes some serious cajones to be honest.

    Way to go! :) :) :)

  2. And wow. My grammar on my comment? Fan-frickin-tastic.

    Clearly, it should've read:
    Those ARE some great losses.

    It started out as :that is a great weight loss and then I decided to change it to be more than just Alissa.

    My grammar teacher from school? She's getting her ruler ready to smack me right about now.

  3. Wow. This looks like a shit load of work!

    Yay for all those who lost!

  4. My math skillz were put to the test today.

  5. Well done Alissa!! Really well done!

    To all the others out there who have a plus by their name lets push extra hard this week to get that negative!! :) I know we can do it. Just keep pushing.

  6. Hurray Alissa. Sue and/or anyone else in the East Valley of Arizona email me if you want to workout together once or twice. sjhendrickson ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

  7. those are some awesome numbers!! great job everyone!! congrats to alissa

    seeing all these numbers makes me want to get more competitive. look out world

  8. Good job, y'all!!!

    Especially to the gainers. Seriously, it's hard to fess up. :)

  9. Thank you :) This is exactly what I needed to get me going and hope we can ALL benefit from the friendly competition!! I'm so excited to get something from headbandlady :) I make bath/body/candle products and am looking to see if I can find something easily shippable to add to the contest prize patrol :)

  10. Look at those numbers! Congrats, everyone, on your progress this week. Loss, gain or maintain ... just hanging in there is a victory!

    Best of luck for next week!

  11. Yay! Week 1 is out of the way! At least we all know what is/isn't working for us. I know I need to step up my game!

  12. That's awesome! Great job everybody! And congrats to Alissa! :)

  13. Awesome job everyone! Katy here is a free calculator to figure out the percentage you just need the start weight and end weight.

  14. look forward to reading about your inner-porn-star lol that lady is hilarious

  15. Only just noticed these results, well done everyone

  16. Well done everyone... sorry I realized I forgot to let you know my loss. I will definitely email this week!!

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