Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday I had what some call in the biz, a NSV. Seesh, this blog world...full of acronyms!

NSV=Non-Scale-Victory. Not to be confused with Non-stop-Ventriloquist, or negligent-sugar-violence, or...yeah NSV fake acronyms are hard to come up with. So my non-scale-victory.

Here in the great state of Colorado people are very outdorsie. VERY outdorsie. Often times you'll see a piece of crap car with a $10,000 bike strapped to the roof, or an expensive kayak. Instead of impressing people with how much money you make, you impress people by how many marathons you've run, or how many 14ers you've climbed.

Me? I'm 0/0 in case you're wondering. I'm not a super fantastical outdoor person, but I enjoy a good hike now and then, and if you count drinking beer outside on patios as outdorise, then I'm the most nature loving gal' you've ever met! I have a point...stay with me.

If I'm going to be one with nature, then I want to look good doing it. Enter, "The Gear." I'm ashamed to admit I'm sort of a brand whore when it comes to outdoor attire. I've been wanting a particular Patagonia jacket for some time now

and I've also been lusting after this North Face Jacket ever since we moved here to CO.

There's been just a slight problem, the sizes! Almost every piece of women's outdoor clothing only goes up to an XL. You know, the big girls get no outdoor love.

So up until yesterday I was unable to fit into either of these jackets. I was unable to fit into 90% of the jackets at REI. I was unable to fit into 90% of every article of women's clothing at REI. My current rain jacket is a men's, because well...yeah. So I tried on the jackets and they fit. So I tried on some more, they fit. I was walking around trying everything on like a kid in a candy store. They FIT, they FIT I was saying to myself! I even bought a dress...that...FIT!

Yup-This is me starting to feel normal again!


  1. Yeah so happy for you that your jackets fit again! AWESOME!!!!

  2. I know exactly what you're saying...I was THRILLED when I was able to fit into the Colorado-attire things. :)

    WAY TO GO! :)

  3. Congrats!!! That must feel so wonderful. :-)

  4. brilliant! well done! isn't that the best feeling ever? prepare to whip out your wallet a lot more!

    these blogging acronyms are pretty new to me, so i'm glad you explained nsv. i could very well have assumed you broke some ventriloquism record. which, you know, could have been pretty cool too. xx

  5. YEA!!!!! now just don't buy everything in the had to be a super great feeling~