Monday, April 12, 2010

Six degrees of seperation

Wanna know my six degrees of seperation to Patricia Arquette? No? You don't care? Well here it is anyways. Why? I have no idea. This relates to weight loss in no way shape or form, but here we go.

We used to live in Phoenix. Before we moved to Denver, we bought a house in the North Central Corridor. If anyone cares, or knows, it's the area on Central between Camelback and Dunlap. Anywhoo....

We bought our house from the hair stylest who does the hair of the "real medium" Allison DuBois. You know the show Medium? It was created after Allison. So we bought his house, and then he (the hair stylest, BFF of the real medium Allison) moved into Allison's old house a few blocks away. A few months after we moved in to hair dude's house I was on a walk around our new hood and ran into hair dude. This is how I found out about the whole thing, and found out he was now in Allison's old house. He said he was afraid it was haunted cause ya know... she sees dead people and all. So that got me thinking... they're like real friends and stuff. I wonder if she predicted that we'd buy his house, then in tern knowing he'd buy her old house.

So that's my story. Oh and Patricia Arquette plays Allison's character on the show. In case you didn't already know that.

Now go eat your vegatables!

Now just TRY and top that celebrity 6 degrees story! Just try!

For fun, check this out. Horrible Hair huh!?!?


  1. Eek. That guy should not have been publicly taking credit for that atrocity. I'm just sayin...

  2. I thought this game could only be played with Kevin Bacon :-)

    1st Fat-Rat Guest Post today! Georgie Fear, RD!