Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Setting goals and sticking to them

When I started Body for Life I originally miscalculated our finish date. I thought our completion date would be right around our 5 yr wedding anniversary which was on April 3rd. After a week or so I realized that we'd be finishing in May, not April, but I'm glad I miscalculated. Here's why.

I thought to myself, what a great Anniversary gift to give to not only myself, but my husband. The gift of health. I know that sounds so corny. Even thinking of it makes me want to roll my eyes, but it's true. 5 years is a big anniversary. It's not 25 or 50 big, but still it's a milestone.

I remembered me thinking when we started this that I wanted Scott to really believe that I could lose weight. I wanted to believe myself and I wanted to really feel what acomplishment felt like. I didn't want to talk about it anymore, I wanted to do it, and I wanted to give that to ourselves for our anniversary.

This weeeknd we celebrated by going for a hike. (Insert record scratch here) Let me repeat that... we celebrated by going for a hike. I know, shocking! I consider myself fairly outdoorsie. By fairly, I mean I'm outdorsie in a REI, sit on a patio outside and have a drink sort of way. I enjoy the occasional moderate hike, but for a long time it's just been out of the question for me. Especially since I view hiking in Colorado a totally different beast. We're talking like full on mountains...that you need like gear and stuff to hike. I've been really intimated by Colorado hiking since we've moved here. So much that I've completely avoided it. Until this past Sunday.

I really wanted to go for a hike, not because I just need some mountain air, but because I wanted to proove that I could do it again. I wanted to feel like I'd acomplished something big. So off we went.

We started off on a trail that had a sign that read "CAUTION, Mountain Lion activity HIGH. We recommend using a different trail." Uhhhhhhh, WTF? Mountain Lions? We went on that trail anyways. My mother would have been terrified if she knew. The hike was about 3 miles long, so not too bad. Here's the crazy thing... it was a lot easier than I anticipated which is always good for the self esteem! Next time I want to try a harder hike to really test my limits (in the wild.)

We had a great time. On the drive home I said how this anniversary was my favorite so far. Scott said it was because it was like we were a new couple. I think that really sums up this journey so far. Not only do I feel I've transformed, but I feel like we are new again and that trumps any vacation we could ever go on for our anniversary. Feeling really good about yourself again is really the best feeling in the world. Sure I'd like to be lounging poolside in a cabana in Jamaica, but in time we'll be back there again. For now, I'll take the hike and my new self.

PS-After the hike we went home, showered, got all pretty and went out for a nice dinner at TAG. It's Troy Guard's Restaurant. Check it out HERE.

So... you know, it wasn't ALL dirt and mountain air. Girl's gotta live!


  1. Sounds like a great anniversary date...well, except the mountain lion part! Yikes!

  2. That is exactly the kind of stuff that I'm looking forward to doing with my husband.

    You know...when I have one. :)

    Also, I'm totally going to have to try TAG! :)