Monday, April 5, 2010

Our first week of being up in weight

So, I gained this week. So did Scott. I don't like to think of it as gaining though (even though it totally is) I like to think of it as not losing all the weight we "aquired" from our cheat day. See, we weigh in Sunday mornings, then have our free day. Inevidibely we're up at least a couple pounds come Monday morning, so we spend about half the week losing our "Sunday weight" then the rest of the week actually losing real weight. If you didn't weigh every day you wouldn't even be aware of it, but for scale junkies like us... we know.

Truth is, I'm not really bothered by it. I think it's because I know why it happened. I had a really shitty week last week, mentally. I was really stressed and burnt out and even though I worked out all 6 days and didn't totally binge out on crap, I know that the stress really had an effect on my weight. Plus on Saturday night we had some friends over for a game night and I had 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers. Both Scott and I agreed that we wanted to have some drinks and relax a bit, so we did. Knowing full well that we had a weigh in the following morning. We did it anyway and don't regret it. It was fun and I needed to let loose a little on a day (other than friggin' sunday)

So I was up .4 pounds, which really is almost nothing.

We have 4 weeks left! FOUR! It seems like I was just posting about how I'd made it four weeks and now we only have four left. This is the final push! The home stretch! The meat and potatoes! The whole shebang! the...ok, can't think of anything else. No wait. The whole kitten cabootle, or is it the whole kit and cabootle? Either way, we're almost done! I mentioned here last week that a fellow blogger was having a Mayday challenge. The challenge is to set a goal and achieve it by May 1st. My goal for the last four weeks is 13 lbs. This is going to be a challenge, but physically doable. I've lost roughly 13 lbs so far and we just finished week 8, so I'll have to kick it into high gear (like I'm not already doing that, pshaw.) I know we could be a little stricter with portion sizes and with getting all our veggies in though, so there's a little room for improvement. Plus I'm hoping that all the talk about the last month of BFL being the best is actually true. Most people drop a majority of their weight in the last 4 weeks. The theory is that you've built up so much more muscle that eventually your body catches up and starts really firing on all cylenders.

Based on my legs...I'm hoping that's true. Remember how I said I wanted to wear my cute Nike shorts? Well I wore them on Saturday and the gym is of course filled with mirrors. I could see my leg definition across the room! Seriously, my soccer legs are coming back! So here's to hoping all that muscle mass will start burning through the pregnant sandwich belly asap and with a little more gusto!

4 weeks left! Denver, we have lift off.

Stay tuned to hear my plan after BFL.


  1. Sounds like water weight to me. Maybe the cheat day needs to be filled with decadent but healthier options. There is so much food out there that is awesome. No need to deny yourself so you can binge on Sunday. Have a great Monday and the start of a strong week!


  2. Katy, I've been reading in awe. Keep up the good work, lady!

  3. I don't want it to end! I like reading about this journey. What is going to happen after four weeks?

  4. 1st of all if you did not have a excellent scale you would never know the .4 weight gain, btw..less than 1/2 a pound...I would say that doesn't even count as a weight gain~ 2nd of all the suspense is going to kill me...what new adventures lie in store for Katy at the end of 4 weeks....keep at it, you are awesome, you are inspiring.....I ♥ waking up to Project-Look Good keeps me going!