Friday, April 9, 2010

Fighting the sickness

It seems like for the past 3 weeks I've been fighting off a cold. Nothing dramatic, just a little sore throat here, some zicam there, a little more sore throat a few days later, a little more zicam to combat it.

It hasn't reached full blown sickness and I'm hoping it doesn't. Yesterday was the first day in over two months that's I've missed a scheduled workout. I just couldn't do it yesterday. Not mentally, but physically. I woke up with a sore throat and feeling a little more exhausted than usual. I thought about going to the gym and sweating it out and sitting in the sauna, but instead I decided that the bed and a good old fashioned nap won out.

I pumped zicam every three hours, drank tons of water, had a Jamba Juice for dinner and slept. This morning I feel remarkably better! Not 100%, but like 70%. I'm hoping that I can keep dodging this bullet for another 3ish weeks until we're done with BFL. Nothing like getting sick in the 4th quarter.

That's all for today. I think my post yesterday made up for the lack of excitement in this blog.


Have a great weekend, workout, eat your veggies, get lots of sleep, and do the roman chair. hahahaha.


  1. try slippery elm (liquid form) for you sore throat, It has worked wonders for our fam!! I get mine at the Vitamin Shoppe here locally, but any store that sells herbs/natural vitamins will have it. They have both liquid and pill form, but the liquid form gets into your blood stream quicker......I swear by it...I have it stocked in my vitamin cabinet...and ya know I have not been sick in over 2 years....Amazing...because I use to get sick all the time~

  2. I have been feeling like that during the past week and it just occurred to me that I'm probably having issues due to my allergies. Could that be complicating your icky sick feelings?

    Also, way to go for taking care of your body. Sleeping is a great way to honor it (sorry for the Oprah-esque sounding sentence, but it's true!).