Friday, March 12, 2010

Body for Life-The real day 33

I thought yesterday was day 33... today is

Today I leave for Phoenix for a couple photo shoots. I'm excited to get some work done and to see my friends and family. Friends and family however usually mean food. Seems like most social gatherings revolve around eating and drinking. Why is this? It's sort of the same thing as talking about the weather. You do it if you have nothing else to talk about. I'm planning my workouts and instead of my cardio days I'm hiking Squaw Peak. I love that mountain. It holds such fond memories for me. Before I got married I wanted to lose a little weight, like 10 lbs. I hiked a couple times a week on that mountain after work and it got to be so relaxing for me (in a sweat your ass of way) Now every time I listen to Frou Frou I think about that hike I did so many times. It was the soundtrack to my life in 2005 :)

I fly in today at 5:00 and plan on going right to the gym for my upper body workout. My mom was joking that she had a truck pull set up for me to workout on.(Jack Lalanne style) Thanks Mom, you sure know how to make your daughter happy!

I've told my friends that I don't want the social stuff to be food centered. I'm really happy everyone is on board. I think they all realize I'm serious about this and need to be on track even on a mini work vaca!

It's go time Arizona! T-Minus 7 hrs.

Wish me luck.

PS-My best friend Erin said this is like on the Biggest Loser where they have "going home" week, where they live in the real world for a week. Hahahaha, that's my funny sis!

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  1. I talked about how to stay healthy while traveling in my post today.

    have fun!