Friday, March 5, 2010

Body for Life day 26

I'm almost at 4 weeks!!!!!!! FOUR WEEKS! Did you hear me? FOUR WEEKS.
I want to shout it out to the greater Denver metro area, lol.

I'm feeling much better about my little mishap earlier this week. I think just confessing my sins on this blog helped me to get it out and not wallow in the shame. When I take a look at how I ate before all of this I realize that a majority of the foods were motivated by frustration, shame and guilt. I believe that positivity breeds positivity and vice versa, so it's no surprise that eating unhealthy and feeling negative emotions just perpetuates more bad eating. I felt guilty when I ate, so I ate to try and escape the guilt. That "vicious cycle" sentence was supposed to be Witty. But enough of that. I feel great right now!

Wednesday and yesterday I was back full force and I'm already down a pound and a half from last week. My official weight will be taken on Sunday morning, so I'm hoping to reach my goal for the week of 3 lbs. Yes, that's another 1.5 before Sunday, but I know my body and I believe I can do it. That will be 10 lbs in one month if I reach that goal and BOY do I want to reach that goal. It will be a very big milestone if I do it. Not just because it's 10 lbs, but because it's a number I haven't seen in...4 yrs maybe? I just remember I weighed more on our first anniversary by 5 lbs. We're about ready to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary, so that would be 4 yrs ago. WOW.

The good news is that we're moving this weekend, so it will be like our workouts on speed! Burn baby burn.


  1. Keep up the great work Katy, you are doing fantastic!

  2. Four weeks down, eight to go! You are 33% DONE with BFL!!! And on to your way with a new lifestyle, new body, new attitude... I love it, and I love you! I love your nearly-daily posts on this blog. Please keep it coming. So inspiring, KatyDid!