Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Body for Life day 2

Day two started off with a 4:30 wake up call. It was actually easier than I thought it would be, but that's probably because I was excited to start and went to bed at 9:00. We were dressed and out the door by 4:45 and I was on the exercise bike at about 5 minutes to 5:00. 20 minutes of cardio is all you're required to do, 3 times a week. This sounds like nothing, but it's all interval training. Interval training=hard. You have to "max out" 4 times during the 20 minutes, which basically means drive your self to the point of almost puking, then back off a smidge.

I was proud to say that I did it and felt great afterwards. We walked out of the gym and I was steaming. It was about 6 degrees out and I thought my sweat soaked head would freeze solid. Soon I can say we're part of the 4:30 crowd at the gym. As hard as it is/will be to wake up that early, it's so nice just being done for the day and also knowing that there are going to be at least 20-30 other people who woke up at 4:30 just like you. It's comforting in a stranger type of way.

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  1. That is one part that I like about BFL as well...short cardio sessions. Right now, with the boys, I don't have time to do cardio for hours on end to lose weight. The shorter my workouts the better. I wish I could workout in the AM, but the boys make it a issue. So, I will have to settle for daytime/nighttime workouts.