Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Body for Life day 16

OK, it's getting tough now. Last night I D.R.A.G.G.E.D my butt to the gym and did the workout, but man it was tough. I'm blaming it on my chicken fried chicken lunch on Sunday. CFC as I like to call it. CFC's like a bad one night stand. Fun while it's happening, but then the next day you're left with raccoon eyes and the walk of shame. To add insult to injury I had a bagel with butter yesterday afternoon. Don't ask me why.

This morning was even worse. 4:30 came and I hit the snooze once to get 10 more precious minutes of sleep. My eyes are still a bit puffy and red and tired, BUT we went to the gym yet again. It was 17 degrees and felt like 2. I had my protein shake and am at least going to make this a great food day.

I'm hoping this afternoon will brighten up. It's going to warm up to about 45 degrees, I'm getting a mani/pedi as my reward for last week and then tonight at 5:00 I'm doing a practice climb for the official stair climb this Sunday. It's 54 floors, but tonight I plan on saving my legs and doing half.

Low energy...

Signing off...

You betrayed me CFC...


1 comment:

  1. Racoon eyes and the walk of shame! Love that! CFC will getchya everytime... don't let CFC fool you.