Friday, October 1, 2010

So this past Monday was week 1 of 10 for water aerobics classes. First class was good. I was thinking it was going to be too easy, but I was wrong. It wasn't what I'd call hard, but I definately got my heart rate up.

My fellow women of the water were not as old as I'd imagined. Much to my dismay. Which made me think two things. 1) Maybe water aerobics is becoming more hip? 2) I'm getting old-er? I know I'm only nearly 30, but when I was 17 working at the pool TEACHING the water aerobics ladies, I thought 30 was old. So I had this moment of realization that although I may not be water aerobics old lady old, I'm at that age where it's acceptable to do the "rocking horse" (it's a water aerobics thing, you wouldn't understand) haha. I'm also of the age where I don't give a rats ass about wearing aqua socks. The bottom of the pool was really rough and to-up my feet. I was like time to go to the home land (TARGET!)

Is there a woman out there who doesn't live and breathe by Target?

The instructor for the class was pretty awesome. She was like really into demonstrating the moves, but not in the water, on the pool deck. Which FYI takes a hell-of-a-lot of skill.

Overall, water aerobics is just plain FUN. We laughed a lot.

The instructors in both these videos are great. They make me laugh, espcially the second one.


  1. ROFL! The second instructor doesn't exactly have the same...erm....'finesse' as the first one, does he?

  2. I loved the first one... "izquierda! Derecha!" Now I want to go on vacation and take water aerobics.

    P.S. I laughed-out-loud TWICE while reading this post. "It's a water aerobics thing, you wouldn't understand" and "I was like, time to go to the HomeLand!". Omg, Sis. You funny.. you funny gurhl.