Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For the sake of time...and packing still left to do, I'm going to post the order like normal, but not write out all of the names of the people who did not submit their weights. If you don't see your name on the list, it means you either didn't submit it, or it didn't count this week because you didn't submit last week. By get the gist.

Drumroll please..........

1) Amy L 3.27%
2) Michael
3) Cheryl
4) Sarah
5) Erin
6) Charlie
7) Sue
8) Allison
9) Ginger
10) Jennie
11) Jamie
12) Katy
13) Eric
14) Jill

So we're in our LAST week! A few things. Next week when you send me your weights. Remember to send me a picture of your feet on the scale and or a picture of yourself. You also may have noticed that a many people stopped weighing in after the first week. There were a couple though that I let in that never paid me, who said they'd get me the money, but never did and stopped weighing in a long time ago. That means, that money never made it to the pot. (frownie face) Also, since many of you used paypal, there was a fee that took out like 0.40 or 0.60 cents per $10, and on top of that there was a fee for taking out the money via check...gool ole pay pal! Anywhoo, that pot isn't exactally $350 like it "should be" for the 35 people who initially signed up. I'm going to pitch in a few extra bucks to make it an even number. But this is just a heads up incase there are any questions.

Good luck everyone! Remember, first 4 places get prizes, with 1st place getting the grand prize. Make this a good week. I know we're all running on empty right about now, but thanks to everyone who hung in there til the end.

And with that...I've got to start packing!

Oh, and Congrats Amy!!! What a big percent! Way to go.

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