Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh the places I'll go

Many of you know I have a bum foot. I've been wearing a super sexy walking boot for the past couple weeks and I've got a good 2-3 weeks more. I have Plantar Fascists, not at all to be confused with Plantar warts, which btw, every time someone asks me what's wrong with my foot and I say plantar fascists, I cringe a little inside thinking that they're going to think my foot is so badly covered in warts that I'm wearing a walking cast. My feet are wart free thankyouverymuch.

So today I get another cortisone shot in my heel. I'm not so freaked out about the shot as I am dreading the next 3 or so days. I've had a shot before and while it hurt like a motherfucker, it wasn't like white searing pain like I had been told it would be. After the shot it literally feels like someone took a baseball bat to your heel and that pain lasts for about 3 days before it starts to feel like normal pain again. Then at about the two week mark, it starts to feel better and if all the stars align, in a month or so I may just feel like I have a normal foot again! Meaning, I can walk without pain and stop walking on the toes of my right foot. The upside to this-I have really strong calf muscles on my right side.

I can't even tell you how much you take foot health for granted. It's on my mind all the time and by all the time, I mean ALL the time. Even at night, sometimes I'll bend my leg and put my foot on the bed to roll over and even that causes pain. It's horrid and it prevents me from trying shit like Zumba. At this point, I'm mad that it's preventing me from doing even the things I don't like-like snowboarding. I know...not the season, but still when friends talk about going on snowboarding and snowshoeing trips I get pissed off that I can't go with them and hate everysecond of that experience.

So, today is shot day, and tomorrow will be baseball bat day and then hopefully in a few months it will be I hate snowboarding and why did I get talked into going day!

I hope all my dreams come true and one day I can go camping and hike all day! Ahh hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Me, camping and hiking all day? NEXT!


  1. Orthotics, dude. Orthotics. Totally helped out my feet.

  2. Been there done that. But after being treated for PF they found it wasn't that and now I supposedly have Tarsal tunnel. I still am have pain and it started in May. So I feel your pain!smile.

  3. I thought Clyde wrote Orthodontist...which is kind of funny because I don't see how that would help your feet.

    ANYWAY, I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with the pain of...well...all things foot related. Nothing about that sounds like fun. :(

  4. Be strong! Hopefully you'll be feeling better and using that foot to kick ass again soon.

  5. The good news is that it's only one boot...could be sporting two of them...and then twice the get my point! Hopefully your completely wartless foot is on the mend...and you will be bootless very soon!!!

    (And sorry you are having to go through any of this...)

  6. Uhhh, I swear your therapist released Funny Katy 2.0. Ever since you've been going to therapy, you've been kickin' ass and takin' names in the Laugh Department. OMG. I hate snowboarding day? Awe, I know what you mean though. I'm sorry you haven't been able to try out Zumba yet. Maybe next month when you're feeling better I'll fly up to CO and we'll take a Zumba class together. You'll really like it, especially on a healed heel. Poor witto kitty kat. You're just a little baby. Sorry you have to endure the next few days with such horrible pain. :(

  7. I am just going to chime in on this the time you are ready to have are going to be so prepared....dealing with the "cat" issues....( I personally would of done away with the cat first time it vomited on my bed) -- did anyone ever tell ya you are a saint! and now this you describe sounds worse than any childbirth pain I have ever had to endure!! Heavens!! Why!! and you are still happy despite all this hell you have to endure!! Someone give this woman a medal...seriously, she really deserves that and more! So sorry for all your pain!!!

  8. I went to the good feet store and while pricy they are a life time guarantee and help my feet a lot. Also, my mom says (she also has it) that the those fit shoes by sketchers really help also.