Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 3 results

Sue A -1.55%
Charlie C -1.47%
Jenni M -1.38%
Sarah M -1.36%
Michael J -1.27%
Annie J -0.93%
Allison H -0.82%
Sarah H -0.70%
Erin H -0.62%
Heidi J -0.52%
Amy L -0.52%
Anne C -0.44%
Katy D -0.44%
Amanda M -0.41%
Ginger N -0.22%
Jill C 0.00%
Cheryl M 0.00%
Eric B 0.00%
Sherri B 0.00%
Matthew E 0.25%
Alissa 0.43%
Jennifer N 0.45%
Melissa S 0.64%
Danielle F 1.12%
Sharolyn T 1.32%
George T 2.39%

Kristen C NA
Jamie NA
Lisa E NA
Lizbeth N NA
Ron B NA
Missy L NA
Ken H NA
Tricia NA

N/A means either you didn't turn anything in for week three, or you didn't submit your weight for week 2, so therefore week 3 doesn't count. I hope this makes sense. I don't have the time right now to reformat it like last week.

Congrats SUE!!!!!!! You're awesome!


  1. Woohoo I came in third! Yay for me, well done everyone!! :o) And Congrats to Sue!!

  2. Good job, missarahlou! And CONGRATULATIONS to Sue! Yay!!! Did you do anything different this week?

  3. congrats to all!! And thank you for putting this together even though you had a crap week:(

    looking WAY forward to next week when my weigh in counts again!


  4. How did I win! Yahoo....no, I didn't do anything different...not a huge weight loss for me...but, I guess everyone else did not have a great week! Truly I just work out 6 days a week and eat healthy....Thanks Katy~