Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cats, the most interesting post you'll ever read...not really.

First-Results from last week will be posted today. Sorry it's taken me so long, it's been a wild week with the cat fiasco.

Second- Don't forget to send me your weights today...results for this week will be posted tomorrow as usual.

Third-the gatos! Thank you for all your support and advice. We decided to keep the beasts. Here's why.

I called the no-kill cage free shelter and turns out, it's not totally cage free...or no kill. Uh, hello false advertising. I understand why though. If cats are going outside their litter boxes they can't just have them peeing everywhere so they kennel them. So, that's an automatic strike against our cats. Also, if they get really really sick, they put them down...it's the most humane thing to do. I talked to the vet there who runs the place and she was like, please don't bring them here! First, they're at capacity, so it was not an option. Second, she explained why older cats (8 yrs and up) have a really hard time. They get depressed and often stop eating. They get upper respiratory infections like crazy and almost never get adopted. Add in that both of our cats have kidney disease, puke and sometimes pee outside the box....uh yeah, who wants to adopt that? Not me!

She told me she'd put them down before she took them to a shelter. I agreed with her before I even talked to her. I mean, it's not like they misbehaved once and we're like, F you cats, you're getting put to sleep! We've been dealing with this for the past 7 years. So after the shelter was out, we really were hit hard with the reality of kitty death.

We talked about secluding them, but we knew we wouldn't hold hard and fast to doing that. I feel like I'm running late every morning and the last thing I'm going to do is chase 2 cats around the house, put them in a bathroom, then lug their monster litter box up from the basement...and rinse repeat EVERY MORNING?!?!? Nuh-uh, no way! Plus our cats are a big part of our lives..they're always at our feet, on our laps in our bed. We really are the picture for crazy cat people. Not just "people who own cats." Secluding them would be no life for them....or us, let's face it.

So without making this post even more painful for everyone reading...I'll spare you the details of exactly what we ended up doing and just say that we moved the spare bedroom upstairs so we could shut the door to the bedroom...thus taking the pee mattress out of the temptation zone. You may be asking, why couldn't you just shut the bedroom door that the spare bedroom was already in? That's where the ugly boring details come in, so you'll just have to live with that unsolved mystery. I know, this post is like so gripping! I have you on the edge of your seats huh?

So we're basically just cutting them off from all bedrooms and hoping they don't pee on anything else. If they do, we'll have to put them down. I just couldn't put them to sleep knowing they have a lot of life in them. They can be annoying as shit, but I love them. Anyone who's an animal person knows this. Those little bastards have my heart!

So, the next question is...who wants to come visit and sleep on the pee mattress? Anyone? Anyone?

Don't worry, Oxy clean is magic....PURE MAGIC!


  1. Bummer, but I admire how you have looked into this so much. I hope this new system works for you and them.

  2. Hope the cat situation works out.....I have to give it to you....you are a cat lover....I could not handle it.....I hope those kittys know how well loved they are!!!!

  3. You're following your gut and heart. It just sucks when the two can't agree. (((Hugs)))

  4. I've been AWOL but I just read this and wanted to give you my two cents.

    I have two cats. One male, one female. The female never does anything wrong. She's a model citizen. The boy, though, will pee on stuff. It's a territory thing. And a "I didn't get my way" thing.

    When he started doing this (after the birth of my son five years ago), I started putting him outside (the cats were indoor kitties before that). Pretty much fixed him. He's SO happy. Both cats sleep inside and spend most of their time inside, unless they've been little shits...and then they spend a little extra time outside.

    Try that! And don't worry about the cats running away. They know who feeds 'em!

  5. glad you decided to keep them!