Friday, May 7, 2010

Who was your first crush?

My first crush was Stewart Zieglar, first grade. He was a red head. Remember I said I had a thing for redheads back in the day? He was the only boy that was as tall as me. We even had matching raised desks. Made me feel less awkward. I wouldn't meet another boy my height until I got to 7th grade! Do you know what that does to a girl?

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  1. Hi Katy! How are you? I wanted to answer your question about the bodybugg. Yes, that is actually a screen shot of my totals for the day. I try to post them daily (mostly) and it helps me track how much I am burning/consuming. Now, the cost is a consideration. My first one was a gift and then I upgraded to the latest model because they had a sale for prior model users. I got it for about $150. I think it is $9.95 a month to log your food but if you buy them in bulk it is cheaper/mo. It is an investment but it is a sound one to me because I know it works and it has helped me lose 60 lbs in the last 70 weeks. Hope that answers your question and let me know if you have more questions.

  2. Hrm, first crush? Prolly a guy named Jim.. totally crushed on him for the last year or two of elementary school. He was brother of a friend of my sisters.

  3. Ah God! My first crush was Armondo Martinez in 1st grade! So cute! Since that fateful, I've become the girl that has a crush on EVERY boy. Be nice to me, I LOVE YOU! Be mean to me, OH I LOVE YOU! I have no shame, really.

  4. My first crush was Herby White. He was a surfer boy. Curly hair, rode his bike to school and ohhhhhhh made my 5th grade heart beat like crazy.
    I got to see Herby at my 30th reunion.
    Those curly locks are gone. Bald bald bald but still a surfer boy.
    Ahhhhhh..... thanks for the memories!

  5. Lol, just came across your blog but I HAVE to answer this! Are you talking famous people or real life? My first famous people crush was Michael J Fox, I was about 10 and watched back to the future, got a book that came with a poster and used to kiss it every night. I think I wore his mouth out. In real life it was a boy named Robert Wells. I was 5 and I used to chase him around the kindergarten playground. Sad, but true.