Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whats the ugliest outfit you've been witness to since living in Colorado?

oooh, good question. So hard to pick because there's a plethora to choose from. Let me paint this for you. Think hippie MC Hammer pants, big and baggy through the butt and thighs, but tight to the ankles. The pattern was "Mexican hallucinogenic." The top was a poncho and the shoes were these black platforms that looked like they weighed 5 lbs each with a band of silver metal on the toe and heal. Sort of like steel toed boots, but with the steel on the outside. Overall, I'd describe the outfit as glorious.

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  2. DUDE. Joe and I were walking downtown and we saw a HUGE guy wearing maternity type pants (think bright obnoxious 80s print- so maybe they were actually MC hammer pants?), a t-shirt with tons of holes on it, carrying a purse and....wait for it...WEARING A BLACK PANTHERS JACKET.

    He was white.

    We HOWLED with laughter.

    Also, I'm an idiot...who can't spell things properly the first time. I hit post, saw my comment and was all "SHIT!" (sigh)

  3. sweet! You guy may take the cake based on the purse alone!