Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Body for Life day 31-Food Edition

There's a little quiz thing circulating through the weight loss blog community. Since I'm a whore for quizzes and a total narcicist, I decided to do it.

5 Foods I used to Eat

1)Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
I could put a hurtin' on a homemade batch of these things. Yummm, warm out of
the oven.
2)Chimichangas & Chips and salsa
I lived in Arizona from birth-27 so it's pretty much a requirement to eat lots
of Mexican food. I got an A+ in that class.
I had a serious addiction because let's face it, that food is
addicting. Even if it's not the best food, there are so many chemicals in it
that I think people get physically hooked on it. I know I did.
Even though this isn't a food, it certainly can pack on the pounds. Thing is,
I didn't really drink a lot during the week. Maybe one beer, sometimes two, but
on the weekends I'd easily have 4-6 depending on the circumstances. It's easy
to drink 3 beers on Friday and 3 on Saturday when you have social stuff going on.
It's just so good when it hits your lips!
5)Fried Chinese food
Including but not limited to: Orange Chicken & Sesame Chicken

5 Foods I eat now

1) Aspergras
Coat in a small amount of evoo & salt and pepper. YUM! I love it.
2) Eggs
High in protein, tasty, easy to make, fill you up, and are good for you. There
has been a lot of controversy about eggs and cholestrol, but my doctor and
many other doc's have said that if you don't have a cholestrol problem to
begin with, eggs are a great food and just fine for you. Plus it's highly
unlikely that many with cholostrol problems got that way by eating a couple
eggs a few times a week. Sort of like some diabetics who refuse to eat beans
but will eat cake with no issue.
3) Chicken-Lots of it
I mostly grill it on my George Forman. My favorite way to make it is to rub a
some Jerk seasoning on it and grill it.
4) Potatoes
This may seem strange, but I've never actually baked a potato myself. Potatoes
get a bad wrap, or is it rap? Anyway, if you fry them and load them up with butter
and bacon bits, sure they're not healthy, but if you bake them with some evoo and
pepper on the skin and put grilled chicken and red peppers as a topping, it's a
complete meal! I'm converted. Don't be scared of the potato!
5) Mushrooms
We even got 3 HUGE HUGE bags of dried mushrooms off of the internet. That's love

5 Foods I still don't like

1) Salmon
I try... I really really try to like salmon, but something about it doesn't work
for me. I order it at restaurants sometimes, I make it at home sometimes, but
still it never makes me say YUM. I think once I liked it, but that was because it
was stuffed with bread crumbs and crab and cheese. Over all though, Salmon doesn't
rock my world
2)Cooked Carrots
I don't even have the language to describe my disgust.
3)Bircher Muesli
My husband eats this all the time in plain yogurt. It's like an oat grain mix with
seeds and stuff. Even sweetened with honey, it's gross. Not sure what is is?
Click HERE
Again, this is something Scott drinks fairly often and it's gross with a capitol
nasty. It tasts like red wine vinegar with a hint of whatever "flavor" they try to
pass it off as. So the strawberry tastes like strawberry vinegar. It's super
healthy for you which is why people drink it, but I seriously doubt if anyone
actually LIKES it. Scott says he does, but my brain refuses to believe it. Not
sure what this is either? Click HERE
Except one of the great mysteries of the world is why does zuchini bread
and banana bread taste so similar?


  1. I don't know what's up with my formatting.

  2. atleast you know what you like, what you don't and what your triggers are! WTG!

  3. Haha! I love carrots so much! Remember when you didn't like mushrooms?! Maybe one day you'll love carrots? jk. it's okay if you don't.

  4. Hi there!

    Man, how can you not like Zucchini?!? I am not a veggie lover but I heart me some zucchini! Glad you stopped by my blog- I'm looking forward to following yours ;)