Thursday, February 18, 2010


First thing's first...Yesterday I did NOT have a sandwich! I can hear you cheering now.

I had a small piece of salmon, one whole roasted orange pepper and 5 asparagus stalks. I also had a peach green tea. On BFL you need to try and have a protein with every meal except for like 1 or 2. You eat six times a day. Technically my lunch should have had a carb with it, but I skipped as I thought my body needed a carb detox.

For dinner we had roasted chicken breast, a spinich salad with tomatoes and an apple. I totally forgot apples were a carb and let me tell you the apple with that meal last night was sweet precious baby jessie joy! I never thought I'd get excited about an apple, but the last bight of the apple I put a little teeny smear of PB on it and ohhhh, so good.

This morning I was down a full pound from yesterday. My body obviously responded to the no sandwich rule. Even last night after working out I noticed I felt less bloated and less "belly heavy." Basically I'm trying to not look like I'm 6 months pregnant with a sandwich anymore. Que: Bill cosby giving birth to the sub sandwich and 2 liter bottle of Orange soda. Best episode ever by the way.

I feel like we're living at the gym some days. Since we don't work out in the morning for weight days we're doing a weight gym workout in the evening, then following it up with a 4:30am cardio workout. We get home at night, go to the gym, make dinner, watch like 30-45 minutes of tv, then start getting ready for bed. THEN, wake up again, put our gym clothes back on and head back out into the cold. Our evening workout days don't provide much time for anything else in the evening, but it's really worth it. We spend all that time together working towards a common goal and it's totally bonding us. This plan has truely busted through any excuse we used to give ourselves and trust... there were a LOT. I think that if I can workout in the morning, ANYONE can. I'm not a morning person and I have to be at work by 7:00. Most people don't start work earlier than that.

I have more to say but I'll put it in a different post.

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  1. That Cosby episode where all the men gave birth was the best...I totally relate to all your TV references - I may have watched a tad too much TV when I was young.